Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us

Elif Ozcan

 Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us
Linda Clmstenscn

This author Linda Clmstenscn argues that TV shows for children are bad to watch. They are sexist and racist movies and cartoons that children watch as well as adults. The article talks about how little girls see the fairy tales such as Cinderella, and cartoons like Mulan and Aladdin as nice stories. They are influenced by these kinds of productions and begin waiting for a charming prince to come and take them to happy places. Also it teaches young girls and teenagers that African American people are fat and lower class.  They also teach children not to do anything with lower class and racially and culturally diverse people. The article also said that all these girls learn that being pretty, and having a nice and rich husband is what they need. These movies and cartoons teach children at an early age that this is what the world is. Also there are other movies like the three movies that the article talks which show in wrong ways how non-white and poor people live in their culture. Another issue is that these kinds of movies and cartoons teach that our step sisters and brothers are evil.  If your mom or dad marries to someone and if they have children then they will be evil.  It teaches our children that this really is what happens. Also they show how step mothers and fathers are horrible. How they make their husband’s daughter clean the house, and make dinner. It doesn't show that in real life step parents and families are not like this. I think there is need for movies showing the positive side s of blended families; movies showing that any parent can be loving and caring. Also there should be a fairy tale with gay parents. In all movies good parents  are all strait people. It would show children that having a different family is great. Also being a different race such as African American or being from a different country such as Egypt or China should not be seen as a disadvantage. I know it is getting better but we have to still show how different cultures and races are also great to be with. 

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  1. Hey Elif!
    Try putting this link "" for the first image, as right now it's not working partially because it's not linked up properly. If you copy and paste the link above it should work.

    I agree with your comment on the need for blended families to be represented in these children stories. We do need more representation of all the different kinds of families, for as it stands now it can be super alienating for a child who has two moms, or only one dad, or perhaps just a grandmother and an auntie. If they keep seeing images and portrayals of "normal kids" who have families nothing like theirs then they may begin to see themselves and their families as abnormal and that can wreck a child's self-esteem and familial connection.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Andrea S.