Sunday, February 17, 2013

the question

should we have more schools teaching about sex and what it is and how to use birth control for middle and high school age or should we have schools teach abstinence

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  1. this is such a controversial question...I love it! lol
    Everyone takes their own stance on a topic like this, who is for complete sex education who is for abstinence only etc. It's important (I think) when discussing topics like this to keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions and is entitled to their opinions--it really is a matter of personal opinion/choice I guess.

    That being said, personally I think schools should teach about sex and about abstinence. There are going to be teenagers who want to explore sex and there are going to be teenagers who are going to stay abstinent--it's important they each have the necessary education they need to make smart/wise choices.
    While I agree schools should teach about sex and abstinence I think I'm basing it on the high school I attended. However, I'm going to raise another it really up to the schools to educate teenagers? Or should parents/guardians or caregivers be the ones informing and educating them.