Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cinderella ate my child and brave

Disney princesses are a big part of culture because we see it everywhere. I am a girl and I get called a princess at home. I love princess movies and stories. When I was younger I liked to watch the old and new princess movies and read books written for YA fans about princesses. The writer talks about how she doesn’t want her own daughter Daisy to believe that a prince would come and make her very happy.  Parents call their girls princess and buy them princess toys or let them watch princess tales, not knowing that this can change their girls’ minds about how they must feel and look. The teacher does the same thing too by telling the girls how nice they are or how neat their homework is but complimenting boys on being hardworking and good problem solvers. What we expect from girls affect their development and behavior. If we think that they can be anything they want to be and support them for doing this they wouldn’t focus on irrelevant things like being thin and pretty and having a boyfriend. Instead they would understand that developing their potential is very important and they would focus on both academic and other activities. When they realize that they can achieve their goals like supporting themselves or their families and having a meaningful life they can show that they can do many things. But if we don’t do this and we ask girls to be submissive and depend on men and expect them to focus on being perfect and pleasing everybody they can’t fully develop and they always need other peoples or men’s support in life. What should we do about it? We should be very careful about how we talk and interact with children. We should encourage them to read and to play sports and be active in their community by helping other people. This will help them to participate in school and society in a meaningful way.  In the movie Brave Merida is not a typical princess.  She has goals and she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to.  I think that we should have more movies like Brave for girls and boys.

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  1. I agree, there should definitely be more movies like Brave. The current socialization scheme of children is, indeed, problematic. Hopefully in the future this will be changed and teachers and parents will create a more egalitarian world for their children.